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I have a singular mission, to do what is in the best interest of my client. My years of experience in client relationships has ingrained a deep understanding of prioritizing the needs of my clients above all else.... My focus as an agent is to be well rounded in multiple property types so that I may serve and be relevant to my clients in all their real estate endeavors...No matter the type of property, I am at your service, I will support you, and we will succeed.

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Idaho Living

Idaho cities have been on every top ten list for best places to live and they are right to do so. What I love about Idaho is how in reach everything is. Whether it is a day in the city with big parks, and niche restaurants for your inner foodie, and all the best shopping or just an afternoon stroll through historical neighborhoods with turn of the century cottages, bungalows, and plantation mansions.


And when you are feeling a little country you can hit the back roads driving through our many little towns nestled along the Snake and Payette rivers and do a little fishing, a U pick orchard, maybe a rodeo or festival passing through town.


And for when you really need to recharge you can head for the tree line and venture into our surrounding mountain communites. Spend the day on the lake, go for a hike, or go on a camping trip. All this just a few minutes or a few hours away. 

Idaho is bountiful. There is something for everyone. There is something for you.

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